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    Directed by Bob Gliner
    1995, color, 56 mins.
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    Examines the former Yugoslav Republic and newly independent country of Macedonia and its efforts to make the difficult transition from socialism to capitalism and to forge a democratic society in which ethnic minorities share equally in political and economic decision making. Fearful that the ethnic bloodshed and human rights violations now taking place in neighboring Bosnia and Croatia may spread to Macedonia and lead to a new world war, the United Nations has 1100 troops (including 550 from the U.S.) stationed there. This timely video offers a comprehensive view of contemporary Macedonian society, featuring interviews with a wide range of its citizens, from typical families to its president, from the unemployed to key policy makers, from the archbishop to factory owners and workers, as well as journalists, sociologists, archaeologists, artists, students, and people on the street. Their comments are blended with traditional music and folklore to portray a multi-ethnic society that, unlike its Bosnian and Serbian neighbors, has successfully resolved its ethnic tensions.

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