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    Code: 1917

    Directed by John Michalczyk
    2000, color, 60 mins.
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    This video chronicles the evolution of the paramilitary organizations in Northern Ireland from the time of the ‘Troubles' through the current tenuous peace process. Shot on location, including in the Maze and Crumlin Road prisons, the video tells the stories of former Irish Republican Army, Ulster Defense Association and Ulster Volunteer Force prisoners who have returned to society after fifteen to twenty years in prison. In frank interviews, the prisoners—considered "freedom fighters" by some and "terrorists" by others—share reflections of their confinement and their realization that their objectives cannot be reached through violence. Many of the men are now active in social work, politics and education, and have thus become Northern Ireland's hidden resources in the peace process. The video also includes historical footage and interviews with government officials, politicans, police, prison chaplains and victims of the violence.

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