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    Directed by Boris Bertram & Rasmus Dinesen
    2007, 44 minutes
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    Is the U.N. still relevant? This behind-the-scenes documentary follows the efforts of diplomats trying to pass a Security Council resolution authorizing the deployment of a peacekeeping force to Darfur.

    In 2005, the United Nations Security Council adopted a new doctrine to protect the world's populations from genocide, war crimes and ethnic cleansing. But implementing this doctrine - specifically to the Darfur region in Sudan - became far more complicated.

    For one month during the Danish Presidency of the Security Council, the filmmakers of Diplomacy were granted unprecedented access to the inner workings of this hallowed group. In closed door meetings, sitting in on phone calls, and in the Security Council chamber, we see diplomats, alongside Kofi Annan, press for the passage of this mandate. And we also see the difficulties inherent in their mission. At first, China and Russia, permanent members of the Council, oppose the mandate. Later, Sudan's President al-Bashir refuses to accept peacekeeping troops under the pretense of fear for Western colonialism.

    This incredibly insightful film offers a rare look inside the United Nations, describing in detail the political and diplomatic steps necessary to effect change on a global scale.

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    Three and a half stars! “An eye-opening documentary. Given remarkable access the filmmakers here reveal the tangled agendas that make the business of world diplomacy maddeningly difficult. Highly recommended.” - Video Librarian

    “This is a rare film that demonstrates the frustration, the slowness, and obstacles to the peacekeeping and consensus building processes. Recommended.” - Educational Media Reviews Online