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    Directed by Linda Dombrowszky, Stephan Komandarev, Evdokia Moskovina, Marie Elisa Scheidt, and Magdalena Szymkow
    2019, 130 minutes
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    An anthology documentary consisting of five short films on the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, each by a different director from the five countries that participated in the occupation. 

    In August 1968, five Warsaw Pact countries—the Soviet Union, Poland, Bulgaria, East Germany and Hungary—invaded Czechoslovakia. Approximately 250,000 Warsaw Pact soldiers attacked the country, successfully halting the Prague Spring, a period of political liberalization that aimed to grant additional rights to Czechoslovakians. Fifty years later, five directors each make a short film that follows the soldiers who were involved in the occupation. Providing a new perspective seen from the eyes of the occupiers, each film focuses on the extent of the soldier’s involvement and their reflections on invading, what was generally thought to be at the time, an allied nation. 

    The five short films are anchored through the event of the occupation, but also around the question of how individual accountability can be measured in the face of authoritarian state coercion. Occupation 1968 provides a valuable look at a poignant moment in history, while also posing important questions for our current social malaise, as the agency of the individual is currently being questioned globally in the face of what appears to be the overpowering forces of big business, political elites, and climate change.

    BULGARIA | An Unnecessary Hero - dir. Stephan Komandarev
    GERMANY | Voices in the Forest - dir. Marie Elise Scheidt
    HUNGARY | Red Rose (Friendship and love in the time of occupation) - dir. Linda Dombrowszky
    POLAND | I'm writing to you, my love - dir. Magdalena Szymkow
    RUSSIA | The last mission of General Ermakov - dir. Evdokia Moskovina

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    Official Selection - Sarajevo Film Festival 2018
    Official Selection - Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival
    Offical Selection - Sofia International Film Festival

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