Urban Studies

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Urban Studies  Short Films  Performing Arts  Literature  Latino Studies  Europe  Education 

A high school teacher and one of his students don Elizabethan garb and travel back in time to London in 1609 to have lunch with William Shakespeare at the Mermaid Tavern.

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Urban Studies  Sociology  Political Science  Performing Arts  New York City  Cultural Studies  American Studies  African-American Studies  Directed by Women 

Scandalize My Name examines the way Red Scare politics were used to impede the emergence of African-Americans as full participants in the political, social, and cultural aspects of postwar American life. Because television was born into this era and adopted the political attitudes of the time, the story is told through the confrontations of African-American performers with blacklists, loyalty oaths, and discrimination in casting.

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Architecture  Urban Studies  New York City  American Studies 

This video, which documents a controversy over plans to alter the original architectural design of the Whitney Museum of American Art, examines some of the problems raised by the decision, including Modernist and Post-Modernist styles, architecture as art, the responsibility of art museums to the public, and the role of the architect.

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