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    Written and hosted by Jamake Highwater, a world renowned author on Indian culture, this film examines the differences between Native American and Western cultures, including their contrasting views of nature, time, space, art, architecture, and dance. Language also plays a crucial role, since each language reflects fundamental differences in human perception, differences which for centuries have led to serious misunderstandings.

    Produced by Alvin H. Perlmutter
    1984, 58 minutes
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    * Best Film of Festival, National Educational Film Festival

    ** Highly Recommended " excellent, thought-provoking, experiential film...a remarkable documentary, and no review can do it justice. The photography is excellent, the post-production work is superior, and the text and commentary are outstanding."-- Science Books & Films

    "An extraordinary film experience, highly recommended for its photography, writing, and especially the personal magnetism of Jamake Highwater whose intelligent insight makes this a film worthy of being included in all American Indian film collections."--Lander Film Reviews

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