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    Directed by Alfonso Moises
    1995, three episodes of 33 minutes, 45 minutes
    and 55 minutes, respectively,
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    This three-part video series examines different social aspects of the cultures of Mesoamerica (i.e., the nations of Mexico and Central America). Sexuality in Mesoamerica describes how Machismo, the male Latino cultural archetype, and Marianismo, the female Latina cultural archetype, shape sexual behavior and identity. It reveals the historical and cultural antecedents of these cultural models, illustrates how they are integrated in the different social sectors, and how they are being questioned and redefined by contemporary revolutionary movements.

    Autocracy and Rebellion in Mesoamerica examines the political behavior of Mesoamerican culture through a historical and cultural analysis of two dominant Mesoamerican political traits, Autocracy and Rebellion. It focuses on crucial historical moments that have shaped political life in Mesoamerica, including conquest and colony, the Mexican Revolution and the Salvadorean Revolution.

    Religion in Mesoamerica explores the historical roots of those concepts and practices that have shaped religious culture, including the Maya religion, the Catholic Church during the conquest, colonialism and independence, religious syncretism, shamanism, the "cofradia," liberation theology and the recent influence of the Protestant churches.

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