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    Directed by Mary-Ellen Davis
    1992, 58 minutes
    Spanish dialogue with English
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    Portrays the appalling socio-political realities of contemporary Guatemala, where the majority of the population--malnourished and illiterate--are exploited by wealthy landowners and businessmen and brutally repressed by the military. The film shows the plight of peasants who work as migrant agricultural laborers for starvation wages and who are often `disappeared' or murdered by the military to prevent any political protest or organization. Interwoven throughout the film, and providing ironic comment on this social reality, is a performance of the traditional `Dance of the 24 Devils,' derived from Spanish medieval religious drama, in which each devil represents a social evil and Death heralds the end of mankind.

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    Festivals & Awards

    Silver Apple, National Educational Film and Video Festival
    Award of Merit in Film Latin American Studies Association


    "An intensely moving film."--Third World Resources

    "[Davis] is a moralist with a keen sense of humor...Hell has rarely been made so hilariously, or so tragically, visible."--The L.A. Weekly