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    Directed by Kevin Harris
    2001, 59 minutes
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    This video, by comparing the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict with the previous struggle for liberation and democracy in South Africa, makes a universal statement about war and the effects of war on young people on both sides of the conflicts. The video first focuses on the experiences of two young South Africans who discuss how they were brutalized in the South African conflict and who explain their current search for healing. After tracing the 1967 occupation by Israel of the Palestinian territories and examining the viewpoint of the Israeli settler communities, Judgement Day examines the consequences and perspectives of concerned Israeli citizens and Palestinians affected by the current situation of "closure" and "collective punishment". Judgement Day interweaves these two stories, providing reference points in South Africa's history of apartheid that resonate with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict today.

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    "Judgement Day is more interested in finding solutions than becoming mired in recriminations... what gives the film poignancy is that the filmmaker seems as genuinely interested in the long-term effects the Occupation has on Israeli culture as in the physical damage it inflicts on Palestinians."
    Cineaste Magazine

    "This film may make us uncomfortable. But there is value in what it says. If we are to emerge from this conflict with our humanity intact, both sidesóIsraelis and Palestiniansówill have to look honestly and courageously at themselves and what has been done in their name."
    South African Jewish Report