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    Directed by Susan Marcinkus
    2003, color, 27 mins.
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    This video chronicles the filmmaker's quest to uncover the mystery of her Slovak identity and heritage. As a young girl growing up during the Cold War, she was curious about the ‘strange' language spoken by her grandmother and the enigma that shrouds her past. Fantasizing that her grandmother is a communist spy, she begins to ask questions that are never fully answered. Years later as an adult, seeking answers to many of those same questions, she embarks on a journey to learn about Slovakia, why her grandmother came to America, and who she left behind. With few clues to go on, she begins a journey of discovery. With the help of a genealogist, archivists, historians, and a film crew, she gradually fits together the pieces of the puzzle, telling the story of her grandmother and the history of her homeland. The filmmaker's sleuthing leads her to family members she had never before known in a country that was facing its own identity crisis during the split of Czechoslovakia into two separate countries—Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Along the way, not only does she gain a deeper understanding of her family roots, but also discovers a beautiful land, a rich culture, and a profound sense of her own Slovak American identity.

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    "...truly charming and incredibly informative...might well inspire others to begin a search within their own families for a more personal link to their heritage...this video should seriously be considered for media programs due to its potential use in a variety of courses as well as for independent viewing by students from all backgrounds." - School Library Journal