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    Directed by: Richard Berman
    2004, 57 mins.
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    In Fire Within, 30 Teenagers - 10 Israeli Arabs, 10 Israeli Jews, and 10 American Jews - explore the differences and similarities between them while traveling through Spain and Israel under the auspices of the special youth program of the Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute (JITLI). The film follows the teenagers on their two-week trip, observing their interactions and behavior - and what transpires is inspiring. They find that what divides them is secondary to what unites them. They break down stereotypes and prejudices, discover mutual respect and tolerance for one another, and create friendships they never thought possible. Fire Within documents this incredible journey, and reveals how ordinary teenagers confront their fears and prejudices, forge long-lasting friendships, and tackle issues such as religion, equal rights, racial profiling, identity, politics, education and peace.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Official Selection AFI Film Festival
    * Winner Gold Remi Award Worldfest
    * Selected as one of the top ten documentaries on religion and spirituatliy by Booklist, 2007


    “Fire Within is compelling in its clarity. Filmmaker Richard Berman [works] in the best tradition of documentary cinema.” - Variety

    “Colorful maps, occasional subtitles, and a great musical score augment this emotionally compelling documentary. .. A great discussion starter for high-school students and other interested viewers.” --Booklist

    Recommended. Richard Berman’s modest but moving documentary follows one group’s journey, balancing the coverage between lighter moments of growing friendship and serious discussions of issues on which the participants differ. Effectively portraying the youngsters’ diversity, Fire Within does a solid job of showing how the group’s communal experience, however brief, has a positive effect.. --Video Librarian

    “Highly Recommended for public, school and academic libraries, and would be very useful for opening discussions about the sometimes competing demands of religion, nationality, and identity. It also makes an eloquent case for the power that a few determined people can have in changing their community.” –Educational Media Reviews Online

    “The film’s greatest value is in showing how the teens grapple with both internal and external resistances to understanding the “Others” in their program. Their honesty is refreshing, and we believe in the friendships they develop across their cultural divides, which have been tested by painful awareness and challenges.” -- Al-Jadid: A Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts