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    Executive Producer Pat Finn, KPBS
    Produced and Directed by Mark Freeman
    2005, 26 minutes
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    The cycle of violence in the Middle East may seem to have no end, but in San Diego Jews and Palestinians have united despite the odds. "Talking Peace" takes viewers inside the Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue and tells a compelling story of two sides coming together through the simple act of listening.

    In the living room of Jim Rauch, a Jew, and his wife Doris Bittar, an Arab, the stage has been set to create an alternative to living with hatred. In their home, Jews and Palestinians share their stories and their pain governed by only one rule: to truly listen to each other.

    Although the documentary gives viewers an insight into the history of unrest, the story is about the people, not the politics, of a region in which both sides continue to exchange claims and blame - and bombs. Among the participants are a businessman, a teacher, an artist, a karate instructor, a physicist and an engineer. Compelling, first-hand narratives provide a perspective of how their lives have been shaped by the violence and fear that haunts Israel and the occupied territories.

    One man tells how he followed the account of a suicide bombing, only to find out his niece was killed in the blast. Another man recalls how he nearly died during the bombing of his refugee camp in Lebanon, an event that many Israelis believed never happened. As each one tells their stories, those gathered around the living room overcome their fears and suspicions, put a human face to those they have considered their enemy, and lay a foundation for building friendships.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Winner, Platinum Award, WorldFest Film Festival, 2007
    * Official Selection, Middle East Studies Association Conference, 2005
    * Official Selection, Non-Violence Film Festival, 2008


    "...a magnificent piece....There are moments in this film that I do not think I will forget....Its raw immediacy brings the transforming power of dialogue to new audiences." Dr. Farid Abdel-Nour, Faculty Coordinator, Center for Islamic and Arabic Studies at San Diego State University

    " The community is a richer place when these voices are allowed to tell their stories in their own words." Rachael Eggebeen --Concrete Magazine

    "Talking Peace offers an opportunity consider whether we can risk being open to each other's heartfelt beliefs and whether the stakes are worth it. It isn't an easy video, but the conversations it will inspire offer a tremendous opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth." Cheryl F. Coon InterfaithFamily

    "I watched Talking Peace and was incredibly moved..." Rachel Mamann --Director, Save a Child's Heart

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