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    Directed by Geoffrey Poister
    Produced by Susan Walker
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    A Tale of Two Teens is an engaging and informative documentary about the AIDS pandemic in Africa as seen through the eyes of two young girls, an American and South African teenager, featuring the music of the Dave Matthews Band and U2.

    The documentary follows Margaret, an American teenager as she travels to South Africa to meet Sine, a 16-year-old girl orphaned when both her parents died of AIDS. Sine lives with her grandfather in the Pholela district of South Africa, the unofficial epicenter of the pandemic. Through the girls' friendship (they bond over the music of Dave Matthews, a South African native), the film explores how AIDS has been able to ravage an entire continent, while a dangerous complacency has developed in America. It looks at the disparities in the girls' lives, from access to education and health care to their thoughts on boys, sex, and HIV/AIDS.

    Infused with a resilient spirit, A Tale of Two Teens offers an accessible and meaningful appreciation of the global AIDS crisis as well as a powerful tool for discussion, awareness and prevention.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Official Selection, Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival, 2006
    * Official Selection, Amnesty International Campus Film Festival, 2006


    “Recommended without reservation. Students will become cognizant of the impact of AIDS in South Africa and the contrast of cultures dealing with a health crisis.” - Educational Media Reviews Online

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