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    Directed by Sandra Werneck
    2005, 71 minutes
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    A stark and honest look at the explosion of teen pregnancy in Brazil, Teen Mothers is an award-winning documentary that follows four young girls, ages 13 to 15, through the course of their pregnancies and into the early days of motherhood.

    In Brazil, approximately one in every five pregnant women is a teenager. For many of these girls, who come from low-income families, pregnancy can mean a quick shortcut to adulthood, more respect, recognition in the community, and certain benefits at home. Director Sandra Werneck introduces us to four such girls, their boyfriends and families, as they prepare to face the hardships, challenges and joys of motherhood.

    Evelin, the youngest, discovers that she's pregnant on her 13th birthday. Her boyfriend Sergio, 22, has only recently stopped working for local drug dealers, and to her surprise, is excited about becoming a father.

    Luana, 15, has always wanted a child of her own. Her father was killed when she was a young girl, and since then she has helped her single mother raise her younger sisters. When she learns that she's pregnant, Luana, without hesitation, decides to keep the baby.

    At the age of 14, Edilene becomes pregnant by her boyfriend Alex, 21, whom she loves very much. At the same time, she discovers that Alex is about to have a baby with another girl in town, Joice, who is 15 years old.

    Teen Mothers is an intimate and revealing documentary about the growing problem of teen pregnancy in Latin America. Weaving together the stories of these four young girls, the film offers a tough but illuminating glimpse behind the statistics and into the realities and consequences of adolescent pregnancy.

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    * Official Selection, Berlin International Film Festival, 2006
    * Official Selection, Miami International Film Festival, 2006
    * Official Selection, Sydney International Film Festival, 2006


    “As riveting as a true-life telenovela, Teen Mothers is an engaging, thought-provoking investigative documentary that stirs up compassion along with shock.” - Variety

    “This documentary will elicit much conversation and debate. With some well written and current readings to digest and discuss regarding the 'popularity' of teenage pregnancy in Brazil and the current worldwide 'epidemic,' this film would be an excellent start. Recommended.” - Educational Media Reviews Online