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    Directed by Joseph Mathew & Daniel DeVivo
    2006, Available in a 75 or 55 Minute Version
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    * Selected for the 2007 Best Documentaries list by Video Librarian

    A Sundance festival favorite, Crossing Arizona offers a far-reaching and up-to-the-moment look at the hotly debated issue of illegal immigration as captured at America's current flashpoint - the Arizona border.

    With heightened U.S. security along the California, Texas, and New Mexico borders, each day thousands of migrants attempting to enter the United States are being diverted into the treacherous terrain of Arizona's brutal desert. The perilous journey, which can take up to four days, has caused a dramatic rise in the number of migrant deaths. Those who make it through - the undocumented immigrants who live and work in the U.S. - invoke a wide range of impassioned responses over human rights, culture, race, class, and national security.

    Seen through the eyes of frustrated ranchers, border patrol agents, local politicians, farmers dependent on an illegal work force, seasoned humanitarian activists, desperate migrants preparing for their journey north, and the Minutemen who have become darlings of the national media, this powerful documentary unveils the complicated dilemmas presented by the border crisis and the surprising political stances people take when immigration and border policy fails everyone, on all fronts.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival, 2006
    * Winner, Cine Golden Eagle Award for Documentary Feature, 2007
    * Best Documentary, Arizona International Film Festival, 2006
    * Audience Award, Brooklyn International Film Festival, 2006
    * Audience Award, Cine Las Americas, Austin TX, 2006
    * Winner, Munich Film Festival, 2006
    * Official Selection, New York Latino Film Festival, 2006
    * Official Selection, San Diego Latino Film Festival, 2006


    “One film I especially admired (at the Sundance Film Festival) was Crossing Arizona.” - Roger Ebert

    Crossing Arizona’s rigorous analysis of the impact of immigration policy from all sides makes it an invaluable tool for informed debate.” - Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media

    “A winner! An intelligent and perceptive examination of immigration... The film wisely remains objective and very informative while being totally engaging…. It is essential for public libraries in the Southwest and highly recommended for public and academic libraries with collections supporting immigration issues.” - Library Journal

    “A commanding presentation! Presenting various viewpoints and raising complicated questions and issues, this film prompts follow-up discussion.” – Booklist

    “An excellent documentary about illegal immigration…. This thoughtful look at a current issue is highly recommended for high school and public libraries.” - School Library Journal

    “[Three-and-a-half Stars] A provocative and well-researched documentary. It’s real power comes from deftly exploring the [immigration] issue at ground level… and it deserves credit for questioning and examining the shadow economy built upon the cross-border trade. Highly recommended!” - Video Librarian

    “This documentary masterfully portrays the humanitarian, ethical, and legal concerns surrounding Latin American immigrants who illegally enter the United States…. Extraordinarily riveting! Crossing Arizona is highly recommended to all colleges and universities, as it is both timely and possesses wide utility. Those teaching political science, human rights, ethics, or sociology will find the film of particular interest.” - Educational Media Reviews Online

    “A sterling effort of visual journalism.” - Arizona Daily Star

    “Engrossing! Deftly sustains many points of view...” - Variety

    “A smart and in-depth look at how Washington policy plays out in the everyday lives of men and women on both sides of the border.” - San Diego City Beat

    “Excellent!” - San Francisco Chronicle

    "The most comprehensive treatment of the immigration debate." - Southern Poverty Law Center, Intelligence Report, 2006

    “It’s got careful, graceful intelligence that finds the individual people and the big picture in a complex, real issue of concern.” - Cinematical

    “A one way ticket into the eye of the hurricane of one of the most intense periods in the ever-controversial immigration debate.” – La Prensa

    "A well researched and intelligent film about human rights, culture, race, class and national security... In this age of increasing globalization, ever-growing populations and decreasing resources...illegal immigrants are not just dying in the USA. This is an immense worldwide problem involving many wealthy and poor nations." - Jury of the Munich Film Festival

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