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    Directed by Nina Rosenblum
    2004, 90 minutes
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    Zahira's Peace looks at the after-effects of the Madrid train bombings through the story of Zahira, a young woman, who was seriously injured in the attacks

    The blast on the commuter train system in Madrid on the morning of March 11, 2004 killed 191 people and wounded 2,050. Zahira was on one of those trains. She survived but was gravely injured in the attack. This film documents her painstaking recovery, as she and her family slowly come to grips with her condition and the larger tragedy. Their resilience becomes emblematic of the country's healing process and a passionate plea for an end to the bloodshed.

    Directed by Nina Rosenblum (Through the Wire, America and Lewis Hine, Code Yellow), Zahira's Peace is a moving account of a young woman and a country simultaneously speaking out against Terrorism, and asking for peace.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Winner, CINE Golden Eagle Award, 2006
    * Audience Award, Berkshire International Film Festival, 2006
    * Bronze Wagon winner, Fire Island Golden Wagon Film Festival, 2006
    * Official Selection, The Rome International Film Festival, 2006
    * Official Selection, Harlem International Film Festival, 2006


    "In an interview with Dana Roc, on her Living Outloud e-zine, Nina Rosenblum talks about her love of film making, photography, social documentary, and her concerns about the media. Zahira’s Peace is an excellent example of Rosenblum’s talent used to express these concerns. It is also one of very few media or print resources about the Madrid train bombings. Students of psychology, political science and history would be most interested in this documentary, as would students of film making and journalism." - Educational Media Reviews Online