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    Directed by Maya da-Rin
    2009, 75 minutes
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    Surrounded by the Amazon rainforest, the twin cities of Letícia and Tabatinga and the village of Santa Rosa constitute a triple border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Beautifully photographed and researched, Lands explores the social and ecological impact of territorial limits, commerce and modernity on the lives of the local and indigenous population.

    Situated side by side, on the same riverbank of the Solimões, Tabatinga and Letícia (capital of the Amazonas state in Colombia) share close economic ties and are connected by a single promenade. A pole with two flags marks the point where Amizade Avenue (Brazil) becomes Internacional Avenue (Colombia). Both cities are home to many Peruvian immigrants and Colombian desplazados fleeing the Farc guerrilla armed conflicts. Directly across the river, at a few minutes distance by boat, is the Peru and the village of Santa Rosa.

    Cut-off from the economic centers of their respective countries by the forest and the distance, this frontier region is characterized by the constant transit of people and exchange of goods, the incessant sound of motorcycles and radios, the mixture of traditional and technological knowledge and the coexistence of different cultures and ethnicities.

    Directed by noted Brazilian filmmaker Maya da-Rin, Lands maps out the demarcations that, although not always visible, are present in these people's daily lives. The borders, after all, are everywhere and nowhere in this land. In addition, the film looks at the concept of nationality and territorial limits, the relationship between urban cities and the Amazon, the contact between traditional indigenous cultures and contemporary modes of life, and the exchange between three South American countries.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Winner, Cameras on Diversity Award, 25th Guadalajara International Film Festival, 2010
    * Official Selection, Locarno International Film Festival Locarno, 2009
    * Official Selection, São Paulo International Film Festival, 2009
    * Official Selection, International Leipzig Festival, 2009


    "A gorgeous work of art as well as a deliberately low-key commentary on the culture clashes generated by modernity’s encroachment into nature. The vibrant result of three years of research, travel and filming in the remote Amazonia section where Brazil, Colombia and Peru meet… Lands isn’t a celebration of tribalism but an open-eyed view of cultural differences, and a subtle inquiry into the limits of urbanized growth in an ecologically fragile region." – Robert Koehler, Variety

    Highly Recommended - Educational Media Reviews Online

    “By immersing herself in the diverse environment surrounding and including the twin cities of Letícia in Columbia and Tabatinga in Brazil, [filmmaker] Da-Rin captures not only the variety of lifestyles that merge in that intersection but also, and more fundamentally, the distinct ways by which certain people experience the existence of frontiers.” – American Anthropologist

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