Cultural Studies

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Sociology  Psychology & Psychiatry  Literature  Cultural Studies  Anthropology  American Studies 

Set against a background of farming, saw-milling and moonshining activities in rural Kentucky during the Depression, this short film dramatizes the use of violence as a socially accepted form of "folk justice."

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Performing Arts  Literature  Islamic Studies  Cultural Studies  Anthropology  Immigration 

Celebrates the traditional art of storytelling through profiles of three storytellers--Judith Black, whose stories explore the Jewish immigrant experience; Michael Cotter, a Minnesota farmer whose stories focus on the extraordinary qualities of ordinary people; and Rex Ellis, whose stories deal with the historical period of enslavement of Afro- Americans.

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Literature  Irish Studies  Cultural Studies 

Portrays the day-long Bloomsday celebration, when James Joyce devotees annually recreate and relive, through role-playing and readings, the famous odyssey of Leopold Bloom around Dublin on June 16th, 1904, as immortalized in Joyce's classic novel, Ulysses.

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Urban Studies  Sociology  Political Science  Performing Arts  New York City  Cultural Studies  American Studies  African-American Studies  Directed by Women 

Scandalize My Name examines the way Red Scare politics were used to impede the emergence of African-Americans as full participants in the political, social, and cultural aspects of postwar American life. Because television was born into this era and adopted the political attitudes of the time, the story is told through the confrontations of African-American performers with blacklists, loyalty oaths, and discrimination in casting.

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