Children & Young Adult

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Art History  Children & Young Adult 

Featuring professional art instructor Carolyn Berry, this series is designed for students, hobbyists, amateur painters, and professionals eager for tips on new techniques.

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LIVE TO TELL: The First Gay and Lesbian Prom

American Studies  Cultural Studies  Family Relations  Children & Young Adult  Human Sexuality 

Chronicles the lives of the students of the EAGLES Center (student population: 30), an alternative high school in Los Angeles for gay and lesbian teens who, due to persecution, are unable to function in the regular school system. In addition to the students' discussions of the social discrimination they face and their own personal struggles, the video shows their historic efforts in organizing a citywide promo for over 200 gay and lesbian high school students throughout L.A. County, and the first gay and lesbian prom in America.

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Children & Young Adult  Women's Studies  Sociology  Performing Arts  Peace & Conflict  Music  Cultural Studies  African Studies  African-American Studies 

This video follows the world-famous Chicago Children's Choir on their 1996 tour of South Africa and shows how music can convey a message of peace.

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